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What is a Las Vegas Club Crawl?

A Las Vegas club crawl is a crazy fun way to explore Las Vegas nightlife! Take a guided tour of the best clubs in Vegas with expert party hosts and friends you haven’t met yet. Your hosts will guide you and your new drinking buddies to the hottest spots. After check-in, all you have to do is mind the meeting times and have fun! Insider tip: make sure to grab a drink for the walk to the next place. That’s one great thing about this town, road drinks! If you do it right, by the end of the night you will actually be crawling instead of walking to the last spot.

The Perks of Going on a Club Crawl

Not only do you get to check out 3-4 venues in one night, but you also get access to exclusive VIP perks only available to crawl guests. Las Vegas club crawl perks include VIP express entry, zero covers, drink specials, and a Vegas party bus ride!

VIP Express Entry

Entry to all venues on the lineup is included with each crawl. This means you don't have to pay any cover charges and get to skip those long GA lines. Our philosophy is less time in line, more time in da club!

Exclusive Drink Specials

Vegas nightclubs are notorious for crazy expensive drinks... This is why we have set up exclusive drink specials and drinking games at select starting locations. We provide the ultimate pre-game so you can arrive at the nightclubs lit, and ready to party!

Vegas Party Bus Rid

Roll up to the nightclub in style! Each crawl comes with one Vegas party bus transfer in between select venues. You can bring your road drinks onto the bus, show your skills off on the pole, and keep the party going until we reach our destination!

Private Party Hosts

A team of expert party hosts will guide you all night long and make sure you have a great time. Your private party hosts serve as your nightlife liaisons ensuring the night goes smoothly, and all guests are taken care of. Not to mention they are champs at any and all drinking games, don’t be scared to challenge them!

Get Tickets!

Now that you know what a Las Vegas Club Crawl is all about it’s time to grab your tickets, and head to Vegas! For more information about the Las Vegas Club Crawl, Las Vegas Pool Crawl, or Fremont Street Bar Crawl click here.

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