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Frequently Asked Questions


How does this work?

VIP Vegas Club Crawl works directly with LA Epic Club Crawls. You will meet an LA Epic Club Crawls host at the starting location of the club crawl where they will scan your ticket, give you a wristband, and give you a rundown of the night! We visit 1-2 bar lounge venues and 1-2 major nightclubs as well as always at least 1 party bus ride! 


How do you get from club to club?

We strive to purposely plan our crawls in an efficient and time effective manner. The first two venues are typically within the same hotel or very short walking distance. Our last venue is usually in a different location which is why we take a party bus! By doing this we give you the most time to party! However, ladies play it safe and wear flats as Vegas casinos can be spread out!

Is there return transportation?
We never like to limit our guests on how long they are able to party, so the last nightclub is our last stop for the night. Everyone is responsible for getting themselves home, please do not drive if you have been drinking!

Is there seating at the clubs/pools?

Las Vegas nightclubs reserve their seating for guests who purchase bottle service (typically $500+). If you want to get a table for your group at any venue please let your host know and they can help put you in contact with the nightclub staff.

I bought a voucher, how do I use it?

Choose your lineup from our home page, select your date, then select your ticket as if you were going to buy it normally. Once you select your tickets there is a spot that says “do you have a promo code”? You can enter your redemption code for each ticket and it will take off 100% of the price! 


What time and where does it start?

We do not have the lineups up until typically the Tuesday of the same week. We work till the last minute to build the best lineups possible! You can check our website each week for the lineup.


Can I meet the group later?

You must meet the group at the first location at the designated meet up time. Our check in period is typically 30 minutes. After we arrive at any nightclubs it will be too late for any guests to check in. 


What time do you get to the last nightclub?

We arrive at our last venue around 12:30am. You may stay at the last club until they close (typically 4:00am)!


How do we know when it’s time to leave each club?

Our hosts will always let you know what time to meet them before entering any venue. It is very important you pay attention to what they tell you so you are not left behind. Our hosts will also give any guests they see in the club a 10 minute warning!

What is the dress code for the Club Crawl?

The club crawl requires nightclub attire! Men must wear long pants and nice shoes, and I always recommend button downs or collared shirts. Women may wear sandals but they must have a strap around the back (no slides or flip flops). Any clothing that is too baggy, too ripped, obscene, or offensive will not be allowed. Athleticwear and leisurewear are prohibited, as well as any work boots and sports jerseys! Read more about club crawl dress code!

What is the dress code for the Fremont Street Bar Crawl?
Fremont typically has a more casual dress code, but you should dress to impress. Some venues do not allow athleticwear, jerseys, sweats, or running shoes. If your lineup includes Troy, men must wear long pants, no sandals, and no visible neck or face tattoos. Read more about our Fremont Street Bar Crawl!

What is the dress code for the Pool Crawl?
Swimwear is required. Men must wear actual swim shorts! No basketball shorts, cotton shorts, denim shorts, or cargo shorts allowed. Women may wear denim shorts, but no denim pants. If you choose to wear slides or sandals, socks should not be worn with them. Keep in mind no bags, towels, medications, or drugs will be allowed. The pools are extremely strict with what’s allowed in, so we suggest bringing as little as possible. Large bags and backpacks are not allowed. (You will be required to check them outside the pool, which costs between $10 - $50 per item). Towels are not allowed, as all pools will provide them.  E-Cigs/vapes/marijuana products/gum/medication are also prohibited. Read more about Las Vegas pool party rules! 


What Identification do I need?

you must have either a USA Government issued ID or an International Passport. Although some venues may accept foreign driver's license, it is at the discretion of the door if they want to accept foreign driver's license, so we do not suggest bringing them as your sole form of ID.

No proof of age cards is accepted.


Will I be asked for Identification at every club?

Yes, you will be asked for identification at every nightclub.  Each nightclub has it’s own security and must follow state and federal laws regardless of you being with a group.


What kinds of people go on a Vegas Club Crawl?

VIP Vegas Club Crawls is for everyone at least 21 years of age. We entertain singles, couples, birthdays, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, special events parties, locals, and tourists from all over the world!

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