Frequently Asked Questions


How does this work?

VIP Vegas Club Crawl works directly with LA Epic Club Crawls.  You will meet an LA Epic Club Crawls representative at the starting location of the club crawl where you will provide your ticket in exchange for wristbands for the evening.  


How do you get from club to club?

VIP Vegas Club Crawl is a walking tour.  VIP Vegas' fully trained and professional party hosts will guide you from club to club.  We will have party hosts positioned on the streets to ensure you are guided from each venue in a fun and safe manner.


What time and where does it start?

Please see the lineup.


Can I meet the group later?

You must meet the group at the first location at the designated meet up time. 


What time do you get to the last nightclub?

We arrive at our last venue at approximately 12:30 am where you can party until the sun comes up!


How do we know when it’s time to leave each club?

VIP Vegas will give everyone a 15-minute and 5 minute warning as to our departure from that club.  Afterward you party hosts will come around and inform you just as we are about to move on.  Our party hosts are always in the clubs, so if you have any questions feel free to ask us anything.


What kinds of people go on Club Crawl?

VIP Vegas Club Crawls is for everyone at least 21 years of age.  We entertain singles, couples, birthdays, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, special events parties, locals, and tourists from all over the world!


What is the minimum number of people I can book for?

You can book for 1 person if you would like!  LA Epic Club Crawls can have over 300 guests on each night, so if you are up for meeting new people, this is the way to do it!


What is the maximum number of people I can book for?

VIP Vegas Club Crawls can accommodate over 300 people on each party tour and can run more than one tour simultaneously in one night.  That being said, there is no limit. however, if you have a large group, be sure to contact our group-booking specialist at


What do I need to wear?

Dress code is enforced at all major nightclubs, so please dress to impress!  We suggest that men wear a collared shirt, nice jeans or pants (no rips), and dress shoes; and for women, standard club attire and either flats, nice sandals, or heels.


Dress Code Restrictions:

Appropriate clothing must be worn.  This includes, for men: no hats, no jerseys, no T-shirts, no tank tops, no shorts, no overly ripped jeans, no running shoes or sneakers, no steel-toed boots (Timberlands), no baggy clothes.  This includes, for women: no overly ripped jeans, no athletic wear, no flip-flops, no running shoes, no Uggs. 



What Identification do I need?

you must have either a USA Government issued ID or an International Passport. Although some venues may accept foreign driver's license, it is at the discretion of the door if they want to accept foreign driver's license, so we do not suggest bringing them as your sole form of ID.


No proof of age cards is accepted.



Will I be asked for Identification at every club?

Yes, you will be asked for identification at every nightclub.  Each nightclub has it’s own security and must follow state and federal laws regardless of you being with a group.