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Las Vegas Dress Code

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Las Vegas is home to the top nightclubs in the world and we want you to get into every one of them. Please read all of the information below, it’s important to know all the rules and regulations set forth by the venues. Las Vegas STRICTLY enforces dress code so come dressed to impress! Here’s the skinny on the rules for each type of party you may encounter. Please note these are GENERAL rules. If you have specific questions please email us or call the venues.

Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code

Examples of appropriate dress code for ladies; OK (semi-formal attire, heels with straps), NOT OK (excessive amount of cutouts in dress)

Lady’s Requirements: Cocktail attire and heels or fashionable flats with a hard sole and a strap around the heel. (Flip flops or backless sandals are not allowed)

Prohibited Attire

  • Athletic wear, including athletic shoes

  • Excessively ripped jeans or overly baggy clothing

  • See-through attire or pasties

  • Baseball hats

Gentlemen’s Requirements: Slacks or nice jeans and button-up or collared shirt with fashionable shoes.

Prohibited Attire

  • Sports jerseys or athletic wear

  • Sleeveless shirts/tank tops

  • Shorts

  • Loose/baggy/overly ripped clothing

  • Hats

  • Athletic shoes like Nikes, Jordans and Adidas

  • Work boots or dirty shoes

Prohibited Items

  • Vapes or e-cigs

  • Souvenir cups or items

  • Excessive jewelry

  • Selfie sticks, professional cameras or go pros

  • Marijuana products

  • Illegal drugs

  • Medications

  • Weapons (fake or real)

  • Blow up dolls or props

  • Big purses or bags

  • Outside food or drink (some venues will not allow gum)

Winter Guidelines

Most nightclubs allow light, fashionable jackets. However they don’t allow heavy jackets. So leave that bulky coat behind and book it to and from those Ubers. And after a few shots you’ll have the comfort of a cozy booze blanket anyway!

Las Vegas Pool Party Dress Code

Appropriate Las Vegas pool party attire

Lady’s Requirements: Swimsuit, swimsuit cover-up and sandals.

Prohibited Attire

  • Pasties or see-through swimsuits

  • Athletic shoes

  • Full-length jeans (jean shorts are okay)

  • Excessive jewelry

Gentlemen’s Requirements: Swim trunks or board shorts, a tank top or button-up shirt and sandals or slides.

Prohibited Attire

  • Non-swim shorts (basketball shorts, chino shorts, cargo shorts, or cotton shorts)

  • Sports jerseys

  • Ribbed tank tops (undershirts)

  • Jeans, cargo pants or sweats

  • Ripped or distressed jeans or t-shirts

  • Socks with sandals and slides

  • Athletic shoes like Nikes, Jordans or Adidas

  • Excessive jewelry

  • Offensive attire or anything with drug paraphernalia

Items prohibited from nightclubs and pools; prescription medicine, cameras, go-pros, vapes or e-cigs, outside towels

Prohibited Items

  • Backpacks, big bags and purses (many pools have bag checks or lockers available)

  • Towels (the venues provide them)

  • Water bottles (pools have free water fountains and water bottles for sale)

  • Selfie sticks, cameras and go pros

  • Souvenir cups and items

  • Blow up dolls and inflatable toys

  • Vapes or e-cigs

  • Alcohol

  • Marijuana products

  • Illegal drugs

  • Medications

  • Outside food/drinks

Las Vegas Nightswim Dress Code

Nightswims are unique in that they allow you to come in nightclub attire OR swim attire. So choose your own adventure! Follow the nightclub attire rules and come dressed to impress. Or go with the pool party rules and come in swimwear. Either way, you must stick to the category you choose. You cannot mix and match between clubwear and swimwear.


Fremont Street Dress Code

These guidelines go for both ladies and gentlemen. Generally casual wear is okay, as long as you look neat and well groomed. However we HIGHLY recommend you dress to impress anyway. We often have venues like Troy’s or Circa that have stricter dress codes. We want to make sure to get in everywhere with no trouble! If you dress too casually the worst that happens is that you may not get into a venue. But if you dress up, the worst that happens is looking like the flyest person on Fremont street.

Prohibited Attire

  • Athletic wear, sportswear and jerseys

  • Loose or baggy clothing

  • Sleeveless shirts

  • Plain white t-shirts

  • Hats or bandanas

  • Excessive jewelry

  • Troy Nightclub does not allow visible face or neck tattoos

Prohibited Items

  • Big bags and purses, backpacks

  • Outside food and beverages

  • Vapes and e-cigs

  • Selfie sticks, cameras and go pros

  • Marijuana products

  • Illegal drugs

  • Medications

Whether you hit the clubs or the party pools, Vegas has strict dress codes in place. But we have your back, we put together a set of guidelines so you can confidently hit the scene. Adhering to these requirements will guarantee you’ll get into any venue your heart desires. No matter where you go, we recommend you come dressed to impress. This is Sin City, don that sick suit or slip into that slinky dress and hit the town. After all, when you look your best you feel your best. Now get out there and slay!

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