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Marijuana Laws in Nevada

In 2017, Nevada passed the Regulation & Taxation of Marijuana Act. According to Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board, Adults over 21 years old are allowed to possess 1/8 ounce of cannabis concentrate and an ounce of marijuana. But this possession comes with certain strings attached.

Let’s touch on some fundamentals of consuming and buying marijuana in Nevada and how to ensure compliance with laws and regulations:

Consuming Marijuana in Nevada

People can only buy or consume marijuana or cannabis concentrate in licensed social venues and private residential settings. If folks fail to meet these requirements – consuming and possessing recreational cannabis would be a crime.

Remember, consuming recreational marijuana is illegal in Nevada casinos, stadiums, Las Vegas strip, and restaurants. Consuming marijuana in dorm rooms, vehicles, and hotel rooms is also illegal. Under Nevada marijuana laws, public consumption of cannabis is a misdemeanor and comes with a $600 fine.

Purchase of Marijuana in Nevada

The thing about cannabis laws is that they’re constantly changing. In Nevada, you can legally buy marijuana from a licensed dispensary. But if you ask a third party to purchase the marijuana from a dispensary and deliver it to you, it would be a direct violation of Nevada marijuana laws.

Your marijuana purchase money needs to go straight to the dispensary. You can buy marijuana from a dispensary and drive home, assuming you don’t plan to cross state lines. While driving, ensure to keep the purchased marijuana in the truck with a packaged seal.

When Possessing and Consuming Marijuana Becomes a Felony?

Possession of marijuana is a federal crime if it is over an ounce. If caught on federal property, you can face prosecution. In Nevada, carrying more than an ounce of marijuana is a felony.

If the charges don’t get dismissed via a drug diversion program, you can face a minimum prison sentence of a year. It is also a felony to possess, transport, or sell marijuana in Nevada. Depending on the case, the prison sentence can range from a year to life.

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