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Las Vegas Nightlife Halloween Dress Code

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

There is no better place to dress up and party than Sin City! If you are lucky enough to spend 2022 Halloween in Las Vegas, you are in for a real TREAT! Be sure to read up on the important Las Vegas Nightclub Halloween dress code rules, to ensure you don't miss out! If you decide not to dress up in a Halloween costume, then normal dress code rules will be enforced.


Clothing is not optional
Clothing is not optional

'Shoes and shirts are required for service!' We know sexy costumes are fun, as Halloween gives us an opportunity to be whoever we want to be! Sexy is OKAY, but nudity will keep you from getting into that club., so save the pasties for E.D.C. At the bare minimum, guests must-have on a crop top. Body paint can not be in lieu of a shirt. Footwear is also required for all guests. While sneakers and sandals are typically not allowed in the club, as long as they are clearly part of your costume, you're good to go!


Face Masks not alloewd
Full Face Masks NOT Allowed

Full-face Halloween masks are not allowed. If security can not see your face, you are not going to get in. Masquerade-style masks are allowed, but security may ask you to take it off while they check your ID.


Wigs ARE Allowed

Wigs are always a fun accessory to a costume, and they ARE allowed! Security does have the right to ask you to remove it for purposes of matching your face to your ID, so be prepared to take it off if asked.


No weapons
NO Toy (or Real) Weapons

Toy weapons (or real weapons) are strictly prohibited. This includes anything that the venue security might think you could use as a weapon, even if you don't think so! Anything that could be used to prod or poke other people is totally banned. This includes toy or real guns, knives, swords, or any type of ninja weapons. Any type of fake or real drugs or drug paraphernalia is also strictly prohibited. There will not be an armory check at the club door, so leave those questionable props at home to play it safe!


No Full Prosthetics
No Full Prosthetics

Minimal amounts of face paint is OKAY. Venue security needs to be able to recognize you as the person on your Identification.


Looking for some ideas for Halloween costumes? Check out our Pinterest Page for some ideas!

We want you to have a killer Halloween in Las Vegas! If you are looking for the best parties in Las Vegas, check out some of VIP VEGAS'S amazing Halloween parties.

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