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Updated: Apr 4


Cannabis legalization is one of Nevada's best features! What better way to spend your vacation than going to a Las Vegas dispensary and sampling all the various strains of marijuana?

The best way to experience marijuana in Las Vegas is on a weed tour, regardless of whether you've been to a dispensary or not.

A cannabis tour is the newest trend to sweep over Sin City! Although the itinerary and locations vary from tour to tour, the basic idea remains the same.

#1 Las Vegas Dispensary Tour

Two of the top dispensaries in Las Vegas will be included in the Las Vegas Cannabis Tour, along with an exciting party bus, a VIP host, and some fantastic food and drink specials at the starting location.

This is the Las Vegas Cannabis Tour's Itinerary:

Check In

Before boarding a Las Vegas party bus, the trip starts at the designated location on our website HERE, where you may have some cocktails and snacks for a great price!

***Starting February 1st, 2023, NUWU Dispensary will be closed for renovations for approximately 6 weeks. During this time, we will be running an alternative (epic) lineup.***

The party bus will drive you to Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace , which includes Las Vegas's only legal cannabis lounge. Here you can smoke all your new special purchases. This marijuana lounge is the only one of its kind in the entire city!

After that, the tour makes a stop at Planet 13, the most well-known dispensary in Las Vegas! In addition to all the fantastic cannabis items they have to offer, Planet 13 also has merchandise, a coffee shop, a pizza joint, and more!

The Strip

After your exciting Dispensary tour experience, the party bus will drop you off at a convenient location on the strip so you can keep on partying in Las Vegas with your new treats!


The event begins at 12:00 p.m. and runs until approximately 3:30 pm!


Keep those treats in the bags until you can enjoy them safely because it's still illegal to smoke pot in most public places or on the party bus, we wouldn't want you to get a hefty fine! When selecting your special treats, bear in mind that Las Vegas also has a restriction of one ounce of marijuana or 3.5 ounces of concentrate per transaction. Last but not least, if you have used marijuana, please refrain from operating a vehicle because it is still illegal to drive while intoxicated. To travel safely, utilize your preferred ride-sharing app or a taxi.

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