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Terms and conditions

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Crawl Waiver: Las Vegas Club Crawl

Thank you for joining us for an epic crawl! Please review the bullet points below:

Your tour host will be waiting to meet you at the first venue in the lineup, which can be found on our website:

  • Night crawls start at 8 pm (unless otherwise noted), and the deadline to join is strictly 10 pm. Pool crawls start at 11 am (unless otherwise noted), and the deadline to join is 12 pm.

  • You must be 21 years old or older with a valid ID to participate in this crawl. (See below for acceptable forms of ID)

  • Dress Code is enforced, so please dress to impress. (See dress-code details below)

  • All night crawls are walking tours. Some pool crawls include party buses.

  • All sales are final

Identification: Acceptable ID’s include: USA driver's license or identification cards, and passports (Military IDs are not accepted)

Dress code is enforced for both pool crawls and night crawls. Dress to impress. For men: no sleeveless shirts; no jerseys; no hats; no T-shirts; no shorts; no ripped jeans; no sneakers (this includes Nikes and Jordans); no excessively baggy clothes. A button-up/collared shirt, nice pants, and dress shoes are highly recommended. For women: no flip-flops; no running shoes; no Uggs; no ripped jeans. All shoes must have a strap around the heel. Heels may be required for entry. Cocktail dress, heels or flats are highly suggested. Dress to impress, venue reserves the right to deny entry due to non-compliance of the dress code.  For pool crawls, swimsuits are required for entry.  Large bags and towels are prohibited. 

Tickets are non-refundable, may not be resold, or used for advertising promotion or other commercial purposes, without our express consent. The participant acknowledges that they are not entitled to a refund, replacement ticket or payment for any damages of any kind for any reason whatsoever from Epic Club Crawls LLC, including without limitation, cancellation, shortening or any other alteration to the tour.

The participant agrees to arrive at the starting location at the designated time. The participant may not be able to gain entry into a venue and will forfeit privileges if the participant arrives late to any of the venues. Participant must enter with the group in order to receive a beverage ticket. Participant must remain with the group at the designated venue until the end of the crawl or forfeits the right to rejoin. It is the responsibility of the participant to be aware of the times the group is leaving for the next venue and to leave with the group in order to continue participation. When the club crawl group arrives at the last venue of the evening, the club crawl services have been completed; all staff is off duty and will be unable to assist with entry, lost property, issues, and/or complaints.

The participant agrees to comply with all the rules and regulations of the licensed venues and all directions from Epic Club Crawls LLC and any of its employees or agents or the venue during the tour. The participant may be removed from the venue due to non-compliance with any such directions. The participant understands that the nature of the tour may have risks and must take care at all times.

The participant expressly assumes all risk incidental to the tour, whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to the actual conduct of the tour, including but not limited to driving while intoxicated, physical altercations, mugging, etc., and hereby releases Epic Club Crawls LLC, and any other associated parties including all directors, officers, members, shareholders, owners, affiliates, employees and agents of each of the foregoing from any and all claims arising from the tour. The participant grants Epic Club Crawls LLC the right to use any image of the participant in any live or recorded video display or any transmission or reproduction of the tour. All rights to broadcast, record, photograph, repeat, reproduce or recreate the tour is reserved by Epic Club Crawls LLC. The participant agrees not to take any action, or cause others to take any action, which would infringe on the rights under this clause of Epic Club Crawls LLC. Any images or sound recordings you take during the tour with personal cameras, videos or audio equipment must only be used for private and domestic purposes and the participant agrees that they will not sell, license, broadcast, publish, or otherwise commercially exploit them and in particular make available any footage, sound recording or series of still pictures taken at the event on the internet.

Some of our tours and lineups include transportation, including, but not limited to, a party bus, limo or uber.  The participant understands that if they vomit, get sick, or cause any damages to the vehicle, they will be held accountable for the full amount. If a participant vomits on a bus, the cleaning fee typically starts at $250, depending on the severity of the incident. 

The participant agrees and acknowledges that they are responsible for their own safety and for the safety and security of their property that they bring on the tour. The participant acknowledges that Epic Club Crawls LLC or the licensee to be visited as part of this tour may refuse the participant entry into, or remove them from, the venue if they do not obey these terms and conditions, or interfere with the enjoyment, comfort, or safety of other patrons at the premises or on the tour, or they are generally in breach of any rules or regulations with respect to one's license to enter such venue. These ticket conditions may be supplemented by further oral conditions that Epic Club Crawls LLC provides to the participant before and during the operation of the tour.

The participant acknowledges that Epic Club Crawls LLC has no claims or interest in any licensed venue and that have no responsibility for the participant's actions nor any actions of the licensee, its employees or agents, and the participant agrees and acknowledges that upon entry into such licensed venue, one must comply with all rules and conditions imposed by that licensee with respect to one's entry into those premises.

The participant agrees and acknowledges that Epic Club Crawls LLC endorses the responsible service of alcohol and the participant agrees to drink responsibly and comply with all rules and regulations imposed by the licensee of each venue with respect to one's consumption of alcohol in a responsible manner and acknowledge that such rules and regulation are enforced by and monitored by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and that all actions of the participant are subject to the normal laws relating thereto.

By participating in the club crawl, purchaser subscribes to Epic Club Crawls LLC emails to the participant's provided email address and/or text messages to the provided phone number.

The participant acknowledges that their purchase of the ticket constitutes their acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement. If this ticket was purchased on your behalf, you warrant that the purchaser acted on your behalf and that you accepted the above terms. If you have purchased this ticket on behalf of other members of a group, you acknowledge that you have acted as the group's agent and have authority to accept the terms and conditions of this ticket on their behalf. By participating in the club crawl event, I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understood, and agreed to the above terms and conditions.

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