5 Reasons why Tel Aviv is a perfect holiday destination

Tel Aviv, Israel might not be the first holiday destination that comes to mind, but let's try to explain why it should be.

1) Weather

Being located in the Middle East has it's advantages, one of them is the weather. Unlike European and North American countries the weather in Israel is sunny and warm most year long. From April until December it's pretty much summer every day. Not bad when Europe is still raining in June. Winter? Don't make me laugh.

2) Beach

Tel Aviv lays on the cost of the Mediterranean ocean and can be proud of some of the nicest beaches around. Much like Rio de jenero in Brazil, Tel Aviv combines an urban landscape with white sandy beaches. Pay attention for the national beach racket ball game called "Matkot".

3) Food

Imagine every Middle Eastern food you know (Falafel, Kebab, Hummus and more), and you got it in Tel Aviv. The thing is that here everything just tastes better. Not sure how they do it but the food is just more fresh and flavorful. Not to worry, besides the obvious verity of local cuisine, you can also find all sorts of international foods and markets.

4) Nightlife

They call it the "City that never sleeps" and for a good reason. Everywhere you look there are bars full of people and great parties going on. What ever you prefer (cocktail bars, hipster joints, underground clubs or posh lounges), you'll find it here. We always recommend a good pub crawl so check out "TLVnights pub crawl" on www.tlvnights.com. You will not be disappointed.

5) Vibe

The average age of the residents of Tel Aviv is 36 which is extremely young if you think about it. Walking in the streets here, you mostly see young people and that's very cool. There is another thing about it, something that is hard to describe in words - Tel Aviv just feels like a free place, full of creative energy and where people can express themselves openly.

f you travel to Tel Aviv once, you will definitely want to go back for more.

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