St Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas

Las Vegas celebrates St Patrick’s day as it does any other major holiday. Except, this festivity brings its own color and sprinkles it all over the city. Whether you’re visiting Las Vegas or have lived here forever, the green spirit is hard to miss. You will find a bunch of places offering green beers and Irish whiskey. If that’s not enough, enjoy green popcorn, Irish dishes and coolest performers colored in green to get reminded of the St Patrick’s day.

If you truly want to make the most of this day, you need to have a plan. The crowded bars and a plethora of parties around the city can easily overwhelm you. This is where a club crawl service comes out handy. A club crawl service will help you get an express entry in some of the best bars and parties. You also get to focus on the parties without wasting your time choosing one.

Here at LA Epic Club Crawls, we offer a service for everyone. You can either book us through the whole St Patrick’s day week or just the night of it. Once you make this choice, you’re all set to have fun. Don’t just take our word for it, our work has been positively reviewed by over 600 people and we maintain a 4-star rating on TripAdvisor. Book one of our crawls and sit tight till your express entry.

Las Vegas St Patrick's Day Club Crawl

This package will take you to the hottest parties in town. You will start jumping when you see the DJ’s that are world-famous. You will find the best crowd at these parties. We take you to the highly-desired big-name nightclubs and bars. You will be carefully guided to 3-4 talk-of-the-town venues by our trained staff. Typically, we cover 2 nightclubs and 1-2 bars.

This crawl is available through the week of St Patrick’s day. The process starts simply by showing up to your party host at the first venue. All partygoers gather here at around 8 pm. Once everyone gets a chance for an introduction, the pregame drink specials are up for grabs. Then we take you to the real parties, that are just a few minutes from each other by foot. You can book this St Patricks Day Las Vegas Club Crawl and save the cover charges.

St Patrick's Day Fremont Street Bar Crawl

If historical places appeal to you, Fremont Street will definitely make a place in your heart. This also happens to be the place where locals flock away from the strip. That said, Fremont street is hardly short of glamour. You will find a variety of street performers. They are good at turning heads under the neon lights. When you’re done enjoying St Patrick’s day Fremont street, our crawl service will help you enjoy the rest of the night. You will get the convenience of express entry to the highly sought-after venues with no cover charges at all. In this crawl, you also get drink specials at each venue.

You can book this crawl from Friday to Tuesday on the weekend of St Patrick’s day. Your hosts will be waiting for you at Mickie Finnz around 8 pm. Before the party gets going, everyone gets a chance to mingle with each other. After that, you will be guided to 4-5 prominent bars. Book your St Patrick's Day Fremont Street Bar Crawl to enjoy venues with great surprises and clicks.

St Patrick’s Day Daytime Self-guided Crawl

As the name suggests, this is a self-guided crawl during the day. You will get a chance to go to over 10 bars whenever you want. This is best for the people who want to fill their day and prefer to go on their own schedule. We give you a wrist band that gets you drink specials and exclusive perks. You can collect your wristband and a map at Mickie Finnz between 2 pm and 7 pm. Book your St Patrick’s Day Fremont Street Pub Crawl before you head over to the coolest places in style.

Don’t let the St Patrick’s day go without making the most of your time. Pick either of our crawls and enjoy all the perks for less. Not only will you make great memories without wasting your time, but you will also make friends. LA Epic Club Crawls attracts partygoers from different parts of the world. So let the excitement show up and book one of our crawls before they are gone!

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