Wandure-The New Travel App that Awakens Wanderlust Within

Wanderlust. Yes we said it. That incredible word that encompasses the charm and adventure of travel - that itch to explore the world and all that it holds. Some are born with it, some cultivate it, some live it. We foster it.

Welcome to Wandure, your new go - to travel companion.

We’re a hostel on your phone - providing you with a network of travel buddies and awesome activities in all corners of the world. We connect travellers through a travel buddy matchmaking system that matches you with like-minded travellers ready to explore! As a result, Wandure brings lasting friendships and incredible travel experiences to you and yours.

Will you be my travel buddy?

Ever wanted to travel and found that none of your friends are available to join you? Your friends are too broke, don’t have time off work, or just want to go elsewhere? We’ve all been there. Our travel buddy system gives you access to potential travel buddies in your area, so that you don’t have to travel solo! Matched by your destinations of interest in common, you can find people in your home city who you may want to travel with. Or if you’re bold and want to travel solo, you can meet travel buddies in your destination once you’ve arrived. Looking to go on a group hike, but need the group? Find some travel buddies on the app, and then head over to our Wandure experiences to choose your perfect adventure.

But, what will we do when we arrive? Unique activities for your travel adventures

Into surfing? We’ve got you covered. Latte art class on your mind? No problem. Nightlife savvy and want to explore it in your city of choice? Wandure has you covered. We have a multitude of experiences tailored to your travel style. Just download the app, type in the city you want to explore, and you’ll be met with plenty of options in all corners of the world.

And if you’re feeling super lazy and don’t want to explore the depths of the app, when you open the app there’s a function that lists “things to do around you” (we’ve got you). Thankfully all of our experiences can be booked last minute - so you don’t have to miss out if you’re not the type to plan ahead. WIth your profile, you indicate your categories of interest: Foodie, Photography, Nature, Art, Sports, and/or Nightlife, and choose from experiences that meet those interests!

We are still expanding so we haven’t covered every city just yet - but if we’re not there yet, we will be! Thankfully, we do cross over with our friends at LA Epic Crawls in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco - and they have an awesome experience waiting for you to book on the app!

So what will it be travellers - where are we headed next?

Nightlife, Wandure, and You

Some view the perfect cup of local coffee as their way to get to know a city. Others prefer an epic hike and fabulous views. While still others prefer to get to know a city through its culture and vibrant nightlife. If you are one of the latter, we have some awesome experiences in store for you in some fabulous cities around the world. And our experience providers are coming up with more creative, unique activities daily - so be sure to check in with us as you navigate your next trip!

Since your nightlife needs in the USA are covered by LA Epic Crawls, we figured we’d head across the pond to Europe to check out the scene there. And Spain seems like an ideal place to go. So let’s take a virtual trip to Barcelona, and check out the nightlife there. Grab your mojitos and let’s go!


Once in Barcelona, there are “VIP Party Night in Barcelona”. Hosted by Barcelona Party Nights, you’ll see 2 bars and 2 nightclubs. No lines and free entry - yes please!

For those who’d like to spend some time on the water, exploring the Mediterranean, check out “Barcelona Boat Party” for a 2 hour party aboard a huge catamaran with stellar coastal views, or “Drinks on Luxury Sailboat” with your own Captain to sail you in style relaxing with a drink in hand. Also check out the “Champagne Boat Party” to spend the night on a beautiful catamaran with cava, cocktails and live music! Back on land, check out the “Best Cocktail Bars of Barcelona” to find hidden bars and meet mixologists that are at the top of their games.

Bring on the wanderlust.

For more awesome activities to keep you busy on your travels, download the app! To do so, please visit the Apple Store, Google Play, or download it directly from our website, www.wandure.com.

This blog is guest written by Wandure.

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