The Best Pool Parties in Las Vegas !

For most party lovers all over the world, partying in Las Vegas is no doubt among the top ten items on their bucket list. Nothing beats the thrill of a day out in Las Vegas’ clubs at a pool party with beautiful people all over the place. It’s the ultimate party experience with endless options to pick from.

Las Vegas, also known as the sin city comes alive every night welcoming all Las Vegas club crawl enthusiasts through its bright lights and into a world of fun and total bliss. It’s true what they say about Las Vegas. It’s the city that never sleeps. Daytime doesn’t stop the party; it only moves it to the palm beaches and at the pool side.

So after a brilliant night out in Las Vegas’ night clubs, here are some of the best places in the city where you can find epic pool parties taking place.

Drai’s Beach club

A daytime experience in Drai’s consists of swims in the multiple pool areas featuring tall palm trees and a captivating view from the top of the Cromwell casino where Drai’s is located. VIP guests can enjoy amazing pool decks all day long even after dark. Drai’s is well known for its sizzling pool parties and it’s a club that will not disappoint club crawlers in Las Vegas.


For most club crawl Las Vegas events, the best place to rehabilitate after a crazy night out is at a pool party at the Rehab hard rock hotel. Rehab is not only one of the original pool party clubs but also one of the largest allowing a capacity of thousands. It is the home of sin city’s wildest pool parties. Rehab draws in all the beautiful people every Sunday from 11am to 8pm including famous celebrities and public figures.

Encore Beach

Encore is in the luxurious Wynn casino and hosts the biggest Djs like Skillrex, Tiplo and Cascade. It boasts of awesome showers in the middle of its three pools. Guests have the option of cooling off in the showers or inside the epic pools while they dance to the beat. As you let yourself loose and have fun, there are private safes on the daybeds that let you keep your belongings safe all day.


Daylight Mandalay bay is among the newest beach clubs in Las Vegas. The most interesting fact about daylight is that it has a concert style set up with a massive and very impressive DJ stand. There are numerous rooms for guests to layout and not forgetting the sophisticated chill out spots that let you party all day.

These are only a few among the many clubs in Las Vegas. The only problem that a first time visitor can encounter is having to choose where to experience a great pool party. Getting a club crawl for your daytime adventure in the city can be extremely helpful. One of the best companies that provide adequate service is the LA EPIC club crawls. They take care of the details letting you set yourself free on a fun spree.

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