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Las Vegas Pool Crawl

Our Las Vegas Pool Crawl gets you into the best Vegas pool parties and day clubs in Vegas, to see the biggest DJ’s in the world. We provide you with two tours, EDM and Hip Hop pool crawls, to cater everyone's interest!

How It Works:

Meet your party hosts at the first venue that is posted on our website. Pre-game with our exclusive drink specials at the starting venue. From there, the host will guide the group to two Vegas pool parties, where you receive free, express entry. All lineups will include at least one party bus ride! 


What is EDM & Hip Hop Pool Crawls? : 

EDM is Electronic Dance Music that has encompasses styles from beatless ambient music to house music, techno, drum and dubstep. While Hip Hop includes many type of expressions: rapping, freestyling, trap, deejaying, and can include breakdancing


What's Included:

  • Zero Cover Charge

  • Express entry to all venues on the lineup

  • Awesome drink specials at certain venues 

  • Vegas party bus ride

  • Performances by some of the biggest artists and DJs in the world

  • Professional party host(s)

  • Photos of the event

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